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Exclusive Landscape and Garden Design
is my inspiration."               
About me

     I'm Katalin Szoke, I was born and raised in Budapest, the city known as the Pearl of the Danube in Hungary. From a young age, I had a passion for nature and travel. I was a restless, creative child. I later discovered I could transform my skills and passions into a career: landscape architecture.

      I graduated in 2009 as a Msc Landscape Architect in Corvinus University of Budapest. I launched my landscaping and garden design career in a garden construction company, where I could get insight into the construction world in real-life. I gained my own clients in 2010, developing my own style and philosophy.​

     Soon after, I decided to further my personal development and learn about other cultures in Europe. I moved to the Netherlands, where I have been living and working since 2011.

     My inspiration mainly derives from multiple cultures. By traveling and working in a Mediterranean environment, I was introduced to a special way of living with the exteriour, which is an organic space for Southern people. Combine this philosophy with my roots in the Netherlands and visits to England and Belgium, I have gained inspiration and a new attitude regarding our environment, in regards to the shape and the way we think about it.

     Inspired by the world's different cultures and my freedom as a freelancer, I enjoy working internationally, having done projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary and so on. I look forward to working with clients who want something extra, something out of the ordinary. Let’s dream together and discover a new way to change your way of life.

Between living abroad and traveling, I found that one of the most important aspect of our lives is the need to make changes in our environment. We are born with this instinct, and it depends on our personality, our traditions, our general attitude to life. We have all known from the very beginning:


Our environment defines, 
who we are.
Our ancestors with their first fields of crops, tidy courts, or majestic parks and gardens, knew it all: our lives are reflected in our environments. If you have ever heard about Feng Shui, then you know that in eastern cultures the art of exterior design is almost a kind of religion: everything has a symbolic meaning. They believe an environment – both indoor and outdoor – that is designed in the right way will have an effect the owner’s life, in which it will bring happiness, solve problems and prevent health issues.


"Your garden is both a way to  express yourself
and a way to change your life."


Lately, this conscious behaviour has changed. It is sad to see nice houses with poor – or worse yet, wasted – gardens. People are not living together with their environment anymore, but trying to 'close it out.’ Many consider it as a 'thing, which is nice to have, but only a lot of work and maintenance.’ My goal is to shed a different light, helping my clients understand that a nice environment is much more than a stylish exterior or a fancy home with 'required maintenance.' The space where we live explains more about us in a single second than can be communicated in an hour-long conversation.


"I believe if you change your living space, the right changes 
will have great effect on both your life and lifestyle." 


It is a way of expressing yourself and your lifestyle. Let the people around you see who you really are through the language of art and exterior design. My passion is nature, and my mission is to find the harmony between lives, homes, gardens and experiences. Connecting these elements in the right way will lead to a new lifestyle, where you can stylishly relax from your stressful, fleeting life. Freedom is my greatest inspiration, but also travelling and learning about different cultures, how each one thinks about nature and their environment. This gives me an open mind and a curious disposition, constantly trying to discover new aspects from this ancient art, nowadays called 'landscape architecture.'


Does your exteriour  space give 
the right impression  about you? ​​​​​​​​​
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