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Exclusive Landscape and Garden Design
Project |01


"Oriental Luxury"

Location: Budapest, XII., Hungary

Design: 2012-2013

Construction: 2013 summer (estimated, in  progress)

Fokuszkert Ltd, Kert Studo Ltd. 

Project |01 "Oriental Luxury"

Not only the appearance of this terrace house extraordinary, so is it’s location in Budapest. The plot is divided by a steep rock wall in the middle, which gives privacy from the neighboring houses. It also has fantastic view over the capital city. According to the gentle curves of the building and the shading-frames, the garden follows the style of an oriental touch, being showy and intimate at the same time. The main feature of the garden is undoubtedly the breathtaking wellness complex with its living-water pool and jacuzzi, accompanied with a glass sauna.

Project |02


"Above the city"

Location: Budapest, XII., Hungary

Design: 2016

Construction: 2016 summer

Fokuszkert Ltd, Kert Studo Ltd. 

Project |02 "Above the City"

This tiny terrace garden is a hidden gem overlooking the city of Budapest from the clouds. Due to the lack of enough dept for planting ground, it was not possible to work with larger plants, however, for some the two unique solitaire bonsai/topiary trees simple, painted concrete planters were used. The contrast between the lawn and the white pebbles and planters around are great with the straight line white limestone covered building and the black window frames. The glass fence gives a special infinity feeling from the panorama rooms.

Project |02


"Hanging Garden"

Location: Budapest, II., Hungary

Design: 2011 winter

Construction: 2011 spring

Project |02 "Hanging Garden"

This garden is raised above the neighboring houses with high walls all around, giving the garden a 'hanging' feeling. The plot has fantastic view of the city. The owner requested an open yet 'enclosed' garden with diverse, 'forest-side' like vegetation, which changes thoughout the year. In the front of the house, there is a small 'Rondella,' a same-style round outlook point that provides a great view of both the garden and the city.

Project |03


"Oriental Backyard"

Location: Brugge, Belgium

Design: 2013 spring

Construction: 2013 summer

Project |03 "Oriental Backyard"

This hidden treasure is located in the beautiful medieval UNESCO part of Brugge. The unique setting is  a mixture of medieval walls and modern architecture. The fully renovated house keeps the original outside appearance, while having a modern, oriental interior. The same goes for the garden. As it is surrounded by the neighbour’s medieval walls, I gave a fresh look to the surroundings with wood cover and created an exciting mix of oriental elements and straight geometrical structure. The highlight of this little garden is definitely the three elegant silver fountain poles, which creates a special environment both during the day and at night.

Project |04


"Tiny Oak Forest Garden"

Location: Diósd, Hungary

Design: 2009 summer

Construction: 2009 summer

Kert Stúdió Ltd.

Project |04 "Tiny Oak Forest Garden"

This tiny little garden is real gem. It has a variety of ground levels with a natural, old and tiny 'bonsai' forest in the backyard. The family was very demanding in all the garden’s functions, which turned out to be a challenge in such a small place. In the end, everybody was satisfied: the parents with the small BBQ area and a shady relaxing place under the trees and the kids with their own playground and a spiral slide, all with the athmosphere of walking in tiny little forest.

Project |05


"CONSTRUMA Exhibition"

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Design: 2010 spring

Construction: 2010 spring

Project |05 "CONSTRUMA Exhibition 2010"

CONSTRUMA is an annual axhibition in Budapest for professionals and interested visitors of the construction industry. The 300 m2 exhibition stand of MAKEOSZ (Association of Hungarian Landscape Constructors) was an informational and educational space for 'green' visitors. My idea was about showing sustainable materials for garden design and construction with curved and straight line concepts, as well as a symbolic 'Green City' model of water circulation.

Project |06


"Urban Oasis"

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Design: 2011 summer

Construction: 2011 summer

Project |06 "Urban Oasis'

The 'Urban Oasis' is an other gem in my garden collection: a jewel in a tiny garden in one of the rare sunny spots of Amsterdam. The concept was to create an eye-catcher in the garden, which is a year-long feature. The main attraction of the garden is the existing pink hortenzia corner that is in bloom late summer. The little fountain is a year-round paradise with evergreen ferns and special Hebe species with an adjustable place for annuals every year.

Project |07


"Round Garden"

Location: Érd, Hungary

Design: 2010 spring

Construction: 2010 summer

Kert Studio Ltd.

Project |07 "Round Garden"

This small garden was created while the owner was away, therefore it was a surprise and also a great success! The backyard is a big round lawn with an island in the middle. The circle is surrounded with carefully selected plants, meeting the owners' specifications. The owner is a real hobby-botanist. The special feature is small fountain in the front garden, which invites visitors with its playful water-chime.

Project |08


"Classic Villa Garden"

Location: Budapest, XI., Hungary

Design: 2010 autumn

Construction: 2011 spring

Project |08 "Classic Villa"

This beautiful 150-year-old recently renovated villa needed a bit of sprucing up in its front garden, too. The specifications required paving for cars and a way to connect the appartments in the villa. The slighly greenish antique paving is a great match with the pale green colour of this protected monument. Just like the building, the front garden was also kept simple yet elegant: the hidden, curvy path romanticly edged with lavander, evergreens and Hortensias as an addition to the ancient pomegranate, Metake-bamboo clump and the giant Acer.

Project |09


"Family Dream"

Location: Gödöllő, Hungary

Design: 2010 autumn

Construction: 2011 spring

Smart-Tox Ltd.

Project |09 "Family Dream"

This playful garden was a dream for a couple living in the beautiful hilly area 50 kms from Budapest. The front garden's main attraction is the game of pacing materials: colours and shapes cross each other, giving a unique and exciting entrance to the house. The back garden is the center of leisure time; there is place for a small pool, a jacuzzi corner with solar-sails for a lazy garden evening and a BBQ corner. All this is open and closed at the same time; the neighbours are closed out, but you can still enjoy the view and the intimacy of the inner space.

Project |10


"Playing with Lines"

Location: Érd, Hungary

Design: 2011 autumn

Construction: 2012 spring

(still in progress)

Smart-Tox Ltd.

Project |10 "Playing with Lines"

This small garden is the environment of a rebulit, modern house, with design spelled enterieur. The architectural appearnce of the main lines therefore were not a question. The game of the straight line are giving a fresh and modern approach to the garden and embracing the necessary functions as well. The intimate side garden has a fantastic water feature with is the main attraction of the terrace and also the living room: a thin three metre long waterfall falls delicately over the stone wall surrounded by bamboo.

These are samples from my work. If you want to know more or discuss about your garden >>
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