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Exclusive Landscape and Garden Design


Everything is possible. If you want to have your own ideas on paper (and of course execute them in real life), gain insight to the beautiful profession of landscape architecture: learn from a professional! In seven to ten sessions, we can go through your ideas.


You will learn about:


  • the importance of future expectations in relation to your outdoor space,

  • functional thinking,

  • landscaping styles,

  • garden survey techniques,

  • chosing the best species for your climate and environment,

  • planting tricks and special plants,

  • basic garden structures,

  • garden problem solving,

  • construction difficulties and how to overcome them, and

  • garden maintenance.


In this individual or small team "course," you can design your own space with professional help, so you can make sure your landscaping plan will be just as good as if it was designed by an experienced professional. Get professional insight into the world of design, nature and insiration! Please contact me for more details.

Do you need professional help with the design of your garden as well as the execution of the project? Please contact me to discuss your ideas and dreams so I can see how to turn these expectations into a reality.


Design and concept


     Whether you want to create your garden after a long period of contruction or are just tired of the existing set-up, perhaps you just want a new feature added to your outdoor oasis, the best way to begin is to start with a survey of the existing situation and discuss ideas, wants and needs. Once this stage is complete, I can provide a landscaping plan that meets your needs. If you want to make the changes yourself, I can put together a conceptual plan with the necessary plant lists and a lot of advice to make sure you have enough information to create a successful end result.

     If you are about to use professionals for the garden construction, which I strongly recommend, I can create the necessary quotation documentation. This way, you are sure you will get the garden you always dreamed of.


Basic garden documentation should contain the following content:



  • landscaping concept

  • plan of earthwork

  • paving and garden structures

  • plant list with planting plan

  • detailed plan of specific garden structures

  • technical manual


If required, I can provide additional information for your garden documantation:


  • blank cost estimation chart for quotations or tender

  • lighting concept with electrical installation plan

  • irrigation plan with quotation

  • plant list with pictures and description

  • visualization


Please contact me for a free introductionary meeting and pricing information.


Find the best price and quality


     It is always difficult to decide who is a trustworthy constructor for a project, as well as how much the project will cost. To find the right team with the right attitude is crucial for the best results and also for future maintenance.

     In this matter, the cheapest construction quotation may seem to be a good solution, but you may easily regret this decision in one to two years. The same can also happen even with overpriced projects. Without a flexible and demanding attitude for the constructors' own quality work, the project success is also very fragile.

     I can help you get the best prices and quality work from garden professionals and make your decision process easier. Please check out my partner list. Let's talk about getting the best deal for your case!




       Even the best workers can make mistakes, and some of them are less creative in problem solving. It's good to remember that they are mostly practical craftsmen and are paid for their hard work and precision, not for their innovative creativity or outstanding sense of aestetics.

     Even with the most carefully designed garden plan, some changes may suddenly arise that require an immediate decision. In this case, the designer is the best person who can  solve the problems, and therefore, the original style and quality of the garden will not change.

     I personally consider supervision very important in extra fine constructional stages, such as making rock gardens, setting up special plants, adding important decorational elements or just to react to ad-hoc changes and not to damage the fine elements of your house or other structures.  Please contact me if you want to know more about designer supervision.

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